Ownership of an artwork

Ownership of an artwork is unique due to the irreplaceability of the object. You possess an item that no one else in the world has. A work of art is a unique source of emotion, and only the owner has the right to share or sell it to others for contemplation and enjoyment. You become the owner of a fluid property.

A painting is a powerful and elegant tool for influencing a person's mood, emotions, and soul. This is a unique class of objects because they are visible both as they are and as something completely different from just a canvas on which they are painted.

Why do people buy expensive paintings?

Any purchase of a painting is first and foremost an emotional act. The great collector Savva Morozov relied only on an emotional response when deciding to buy a particular painting. This is how he assembled a unique collection of impressionists and post-impressionists. Therefore, the painting must be liked, and this is the main reason for acquisition.

Paintings are mainly purchased for the purpose of obtaining pleasure and enjoyment. I think pleasure is the main motivation. It's like with a woman - you can only look and admire, or you can possess and enjoy. A painting that arouses emotions in you becomes your friend, it awakens feelings, evokes an emotional response, and gives birth to thoughts. A painting is a creative rethinking of the world, made by an artist, and if the painting is close to you, this emotional charge is transmitted to the viewer.

How to start buying paintings?

First of all, don't buy "garbage", think and learn how to understand. Art should bring pleasure, and if there is no understanding of the quality of art, then look and think more.

No one has an initially perfect taste, and a novice collector should not be embarrassed that he can make mistakes in the first years. But there is a charm in this - taste gradually develops. Taste is not a frozen photograph. Taste, like the eye, can and should be developed, improved, using them as much as possible. Just as muscles are formed, taste and the eye are formed.

You can decorate your environment with an original painting painted by the artist's hand and embodying his thoughts and emotions on canvas, guided only by the criterion "I LIKE IT." Time is relentless. Your favorite painting becomes more valuable and, like a shot of brandy that you bought 10 years ago, it will calm your soul, in which a place was found for the beautiful.

Can the acquisition of an object that you like be considered a mistake? By no means! It is precisely the presence of one's own opinion in assessing works of art that creates that individuality that gives rise to real collections. If you really like something, then even if it doesn't become a profitable investment, it will remain in the collection as your favorite item. However, often when there are already many good works in the collection, the collector stops paying attention to new trends, new names...

People with a well-developed intuition have museum-quality art in their collections at the price of "ordinary" things, although there may still be mistakes. Those who are afraid to trust their intuition make fewer mistakes, but museum-quality works only appear "very expensive." As they say: you can't buy what you want without overpaying.

This is an important topic. It all depends on the person himself, on how confident he is in himself, on how willing he is to hear what others think about him and his taste and "eye".

Develop your artistic taste.

Eastern wisdom says that the desire to appear smart often interferes with actually being smart.

Learn, learn, and learn again. Develop your artistic taste. Visit museums and exhibitions, and soon you will not only understand which paintings are close to you, but also be surprised to discover how your artistic taste is improving.

Galerie Gunzoburg

Galerie Gunzoburg

Zwissler und Gostev

You will understand why a painting by one artist is highly valued, and what emotional charge it carries, while a seemingly cute thing by another artist may not even be remembered after an hour. You will inevitably find your artist, style, or direction in painting that is closest to you.

Over time, an understanding of painting comes, and ninety-five percent of people simply don't have it.

When buying paintings, you will soon learn to distinguish between one-day works and works that will become classics of modern painting. Of course, every purchase is associated with a certain risk. But if you have chosen a painting that you like, that evokes a sea of emotions in you, then you cannot lose. You have acquired a friend and a conversation partner. And when the price of the painting goes up in the future, your winnings will be even greater.

People are interested in painting, even if they don't understand it. But they know that today it is a good investment, and besides, collecting works of art is fashionable, prestigious, and something that brings them closer to the society of cultured people. For a person who collects paintings, their "rating" increases, and they have many new acquaintances, completely different from the usual work contacts.

PEAC Museum

PEAC Museum

Gostev in Freiburg

Every detail works to create an image.

Many people enter big business or politics from what is called "the bottom." Usually, these are resourceful people who learn quickly. Not long ago, it wouldn't have occurred to them to hang paintings in the office. But after traveling the world, they saw that serious partners all have paintings hanging up. They realized that having a piece of culture in their home or office is good manners. And following this etiquette, they buy paintings. Of course, some people collect things like "Rollex and Patek Philippe," but those are mass-produced, albeit exclusive products. To create a painting, one needs an artist's soul, mind, and hands. There won't be another one like it.

This is very important for a politician, businessman, or anyone who wants to succeed. We constantly enter into business contacts, and every day we establish new connections. In lifestyle, absolutely everything should create a harmonious picture. Every detail must work to create an image. There are simply no small details in such an important matter! Nothing emphasizes an image like possessing a unique work of art that is one-of-a-kind in the world.

How to choose an artist?

There are art connoisseurs who simply enjoy collecting works, while others invest in art. Art is not a car that will rust over time. While year after year the price of your painting will steadily rise.

The game is to see the artist's perspective first and distinguish him from those who are completely unproductive. And here you need to learn to appreciate the artist's creativity for itself.

Underdeveloped taste and unwillingness to improve it, complete trust in "experts", fear of relying on your own intuition is completely unacceptable when collecting paintings. Here you can only rely on yourself, your taste and your intuition, if not more - on your clairvoyance. A painting is what the artist wants to tell you, and if you heard it, you were lucky.

Keith Vaughan

Keith Vaughan

Kouros, 1960

Pieter Breugel

Pieter Breugel

Hunters in the Snow, 1565

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh

Still life with Irises, 1890

Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin

Nafea Faa Ipoipo, 1892

August Macke

August Macke

People by a Blue Lake, 1913

Georges Braque

Georges Braque

Road near Estaque, 1908

How much can a painting cost?

Do you not find it utopian to want to buy a luxury item or a family heirloom for a priceless amount? You may ask, but don't many artists sell their paintings cheaply? Yes, perhaps they do... But are you sure you want to buy something that was made in a hurry and to cater to mass demand?

It should be understood that painting is a level of world perception where market relationships to what is seen are unacceptable. I have often heard, "I don't understand anything about paintings, but I really like this one." Everything is correct - your soul has prompted you to make the right choice. And who understands painting better than your soul?

To buy a painting is to pay MONEY to the artist. To pay for a piece of canvas smeared with paint. This is not a washing machine or a fashionable TV. This is a painting that will decorate your home, making it warmer and brighter, just like your soul. It will remain forever. And money, TVs, and everything else will be replaced, and not just once. Painting is another world, still not open to many because it is not simple and multifaceted like any person. But not everyone is given the opportunity to enter this beautiful and mysterious world.

- Anatoli Gostev

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