About Fine Art Agency FABER VISUM

Our Philosophy

Not harboring illusions for the world, I divide it into black and white, highlighting only painting, literature, music, cinema, love and compassion in color. Of the above, only paintings and fine art objects have a more tangible form. Since life in the material embodiment of a person is only a short fragment from the life of tangible things, we help to give this shaky and short-lived flow, colors and temporary possession of an artwork which is steadily increasing in value.


Our Experience

In the 21st century, we have gone 14 years from a small corporate design studio in the Czech Republic to an international visual solutions company and brand building FABER VISUM. With branches in seven countries.
The high investment agency FABER VISUM ART is just the next step in the continuous development of the company, the origins of which are timeless. Without specifying specific goals, we just professionally do what we want to do, along the way offering aspects of worldview models and ways to solve aspects of existence.

  • Keith Vaughan

  • Pieter Breugel

  • Pablo Picasso

  • Vincent van Gogh

  • Paul Gauguin

  • August Macke

  • Georges Braque

Cooperation with Art Agency

  • Art agency FABER VISUM is completely open to people of art - real artists. We will carefully review your work, perhaps place it on our and partner platforms or organize an exhibition, thereby helping to declare ourselves to the world. Please fill out and send us the form. We will send you feedback within a reasonable time frame.

  • Art galleries. It is you who reveal beauty to the layman and strive to help people of art live with dignity, have the means and the opportunity to continue their work. If you are looking for additional resources to promote your art gallery, FABER VISUM is at your service. Write to us how we can help you.

  • Dear investor, you probably have money that you might want to invest in something worthwhile so that there will be more money later. If you understand correctly all the risks and profits of investing in art objects or in an art-related business, write to us. For example, opening a gallery on the French Riviera with FABER VISUM Brand Building can be a profitable investment.

  • Most recently, while doing a series of video presentations by artists for a prestigious online exhibition in Switzerland, we were surprised by the work of a woman from Japan. Childrens, drawn with colored pencil on plain A4 paper. Here's a short article about her. Take the time to read. We and other worthy people help such artists. You, too, can become such people.

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