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The unique art center "ENTAXY"
Project creation date 2019 - 2023
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Dear friends, we often say that everything is already made up. There was even a term - "closing technologies". It is possible, however, to combine several well-known phenomena into an effective symbiosis.

- Faber Visum AG


Profiling hotels is a ubiquitous, reasonable and demanded business. These are usually sanatoriums, resorts or enclaves with one goal - to give pleasure to the client and make a profit. This is where it all ends.

Invented and now refined, leveled by me form of the project "ENTAXY" * is unique, philosophical and profitable. The philosophy and strategy of differentiation is exactly what distinguishes the visionary from the crowd.

Conceptual form of an investment project.

Art Center Project is a complex. Seven spherical, domed buildings in the shape of a hemisphere. Six hemispheres (let's call them "FABER" modules for convenience) have the same shape and area with two levels each. The seventh hemisphere (let's call it the VISUM module) is single-level, has the same shape, but with a base diameter twice as large as the FABER module. Here is an example of calculations that can be scaled:

Area of ​​FABER modules.

  • First level area: 113 m² (base diameter: 12 m).
  • Second level area: 68 m² (base diameter: 9.3 m).
  • Hemisphere height above ground: 5 m
  • First level height: 2.7 m
  • Second level height: 2.3 m
art center modules side view

VISUM module area.

  • First level area: 452 m² (base diameter: 24 m).
  • Hemisphere height above ground: 11 m
art center modules top view

Relationship between the modules of the ENTAXY project.

Landscape design is directly related to geodesy, geography, seismology, etc. The arrangement of modules relative to each other is an open topic and, in general, this is a combinatorics of seven elements. Modules can be placed in an orderly, chaotic way, in a straight line, curved or tied to a geometric figure.

Why are the modules of the art center project shaped like a hemisphere?

Hemispheres are earthquake resistant, more resistant to climate change, rational in terms of space inside (not having the usual angles, feeling of space with the prefix "more"). Energy-intensive hemispheres both in the direct and in the mystical sense - we are all born from a sphere, the shape of a pregnant woman's belly. There is also an opinion that harmony reigns in domed houses due to a certain concentration of spiritual energy.

Philosophy and purpose of the project.

Having lived for almost half a century on this planet, defining myself as an attentive observer, I reflect on the paradigms, aspects, meanings of human existence. Reflections intersect or are identical with religious and philosophical teachings, the views of other people, being reduced to the quintessence of personal definitions. I won't bore you here - everyone has their own way. Giving examples of the purpose of the art center, I will repeat only one of my phrases:

Dividing the world into black and white, I will color music, literature, art, cinema, love and compassion.

- Anatoli Gostev

Examples of the purpose of the art center.

Imagine. Six hemispheres are artists' apartments equipped on the first level in art workshops (paints, easels, etc.). On the second level - a place to relax (a place to sleep and other interior design). Six selected and invited artists arrive at their creative quarters and, within a stipulated time frame, create works of art. On Day X, all our creative guests bring their creations to the VISUM module, where, logically, an exhibition, biennale, auction is held - one of the usual or innovative art marketing activities. The beaten action from the moment the artists were chosen, their arrival is a whole inspiring theater, next to which performances are already tired of all the pathos and artificiality (read at your leisure "What is contemporary art?") is a banal, soon forgotten provincial play.

The show must go on. And we just can't help but invite writers! A month of tapping on typewriters, looking into the bar for a glass of Calvados and looking for answers and inspiration contemplating the stars, they will bring us to the podium of the VISUM module their literary vision of the world. Won't the audience want to listen to something new, written with "not yet dried ink"?

What about music? What will Roger Waters want to tell us from the stage of the VISUM module, accompanied by Gilmour, next to the standing boy from the neighboring FABER module number 4, who went through the horror of war? What will Letizia Moreno's violin or Estace Tonne's guitar play after two weeks of searching for music? Who will fulfill the musical truth for us, and who will simply arrogantly evade creativity and performance for the true reason of his mediocrity?

We will pause for the living and show the works of the great departed. Who lived for the living and left us a legacy as a covenant. After reading an article by my already deceased father, real artist, creator and interpreter of beauty Anatoly Gostev "Half a century brush in hand”, you are sure to understand WHAT is creativity and life dedicated to it. As well as my intentions for this segment of the project.

The world of cinema will help us tell about the project and the creative search for participants. And the audience may find love and compassion in themselves, changing themselves and changing the world for the better.

Location of the art center.

Looking through the options, I was interested in the way of life, nature, energy and people in Montenegro. The Balkans is a uniquely special region. If there are no earthquakes, Montenegro will definitely survive any apocalypse without noticing it. Montenegro is located in the northern zone of the Mediterranean, which in the geodynamic sense is the area where the global continental Eurasian plate joins Africa. The shape of the hemispheres of the art center is also an anti-seismic attribute.

Information for partners and potential investors.

Potentially, we have resources from a team of like-minded people. In Russia - the founders and participants of the project "Children of the Sun", lawyers, patrons. In Montenegro - architects, finance specialists. Effective marketing resources in the European Union - the international PR agency FABER VISUM with branches in seven countries and a team of IT specialists. We need an investor and financial support for the project, which will move the project into the phase of action and implementation. If implemented, the art center project will not even need advertising - the world will pick it up along with the names of the participants.

Information for like-minded people and sponsors.

Dear friends, believe me, we will not take money away from this world. In addition, there is an option that the money itself, depreciating, will eventually transform or disappear altogether. Support the art center project. Even a small financial contribution will help us in development, freeing up time from daily work and redirecting it to the mainstream of the project. When sending funds, enter your details. When everything works out, we will not forget your contribution. If you represent a company, we will place the information or advertisement you need.


I came up with the idea of ​​a conceptual space in 2019 - an investment project based on the renovation of the Monte Palace Hotel on the island of São Miguel in Portugal (Azores). However, The Monte Palace Hotel was soon bought by a Chinese investor. Project origins:

ENTAXY origins
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Copyright for the project of the ENTAXY art center belongs to Anatoly Gostev - CEO & Founder of FABER VISUM. © 2019 - 2023 Anatoli Gostev. All rights reserved

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