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In the sea of rocks, we search for the pearls of essence

High Investment Fine Art Agency will assist in the search, evaluation, acquisition, and sale of art objects that are close to investment liquidity. The symbiosis of material and spiritual values, aspects of worldview models, and ways of solving aspects of existence with FABER VISUM *

In the sea of rocks, we search for the pearls of essence

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Gostev's Fine "The Last Artist"

In the sea of rocks, we search for the pearls of essence

Image of the world

«By dividing the world into black and white, I highlight music, literature, painting, cinema, love, and compassion with color.»


Imago Mundi MMXXII

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  • Inspiration


    Half a century with a brush in hand


    The inspiration for creating a work of art can be considered an attempt to realize an emotion towards an object or theme, fictional or real. Passed through the prism of the artist's emotions, the theme is formed on a canvas, sculptural pedestal, or another way into something material that speaks to the viewer in a universal language of feelings.

    The need to share emotional reflection with the viewer through painting was accurately expressed by the famous Russian artist Anatoli Gostev: "I am standing there, behind the canvas in my every picture and talk to you. I cannot judge if it is good or not. This is my language, and each time when I am painting it’s like I am doing it for the last time. This have been going on for many years."

  • The contemplation of an Artwork is an emotional act. Stop, don't talk to yourself, and try to inhale the artwork. The inner response, like a tuning fork, accurately identifies the art object by the "own-foreign" system. As a complement to your world, a work of art can only become one when you feel emotionally connected to it.

    In the next step, try to understand and analyze the feelings that the "breath" of the work of art has caused in you. Check your feelings and thoughts several times, for example, by writing them down on paper. If you find the word "beauty" there, you can start analyzing a possible future investment.

  • Don't rush into investing in trends. Тhink about what will be pleasing for you to look at. If you bought a painting that you like, you will always have a painting that you like... unlike the shares of a bankrupt company or last summer's trend. Thus, the fact of acquiring emotional contemplation itself is a profitable investment

    Looking at the financial side of art investments, you can turn to statistics: 88% of contemporary art and 80% of Impressionism and Modernism increase in price when the owner holds them for more than 10 years, according to Deloitte's report. The total value of assets related to art objects was estimated by Deloitte in 2022 at $2,174 trillion.

  • The possession of a work of art is unique due to the uniqueness of the object. You have invested in and own something that no one else in the world has. Therefore, you possess a unique source of emotion and only you have the right to provide or sell it to others for contemplation and enjoyment. Thus, you become the owner of fluid property.

    Guaranteed ownership, rest assured, is in your heart. That is where your assets are, which you will take with you into eternity. Bills and objects will remain here, where they belong. We - FABER VISUM, which means from Latin "visions creations", will help you to possess what many did not even dream of - a symbiosis of spiritual and material values.