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Imago Mundi | Art Sculpture

Imago Mundi MMXXII

The sculpture "Imago Mundi MMXXII" (from Latin "image of the world") | Investment in contemporary Art
Date of creation 2006 - 2021

Sales price 175000 USD
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The history of sculpture.

The creation of the sculpture "Imago Mundi MMXXII" (Imago Mundi from Latin means "image of the world") was completed in 2021.

Here's what the artist told about:

Nature, as you know, is an experimenter. Once, while walking, I picked up a snag, which seemed to be looking at me with an unhappy, reproachful look. I brought it to the workshop, cleaned it off the ground and shaped it. For 15 years, the sculpture has stood in a box with brushes, as if every year it becomes more and more miserable. As my son said: "just like our world. The world of people, which is only hiding behind holiness, is becoming more and more unhappy." I gave it to him. He came up with the name, stand and philosophy of Imago Mundi in 2021. One cannot disagree with her - nature itself confirms this.

- Anatoli Gostev

Participation in exhibitions.

The sculpture "Imago Mundi MMXXII" never was not exhibited.

Sale of sculpture.

The sculpture "Imago Mundi MMXXII" is approved for sale.. The sculpture can only be purchased through the Art Agency FABER VISUM, which represents the artist, guarantees a deposit of funds until the transfer of the sculpture to the future investor and owner. The sculpture was evaluated based on the opinions of a number of experts in the field of contemporary art. Without a doubt, the sculpture "Imago Mundi MMXXII" is an image of the modern world.

Investment value of the sculpture.

The estimated increase in the price of the sculpture is unknown. The investment value of a piece of contemporary art may vary depending on the PR marketing philosophy with ever-increasing liquidity.