Still Life by Freud | Натюрморт по Фрейду | Nature morte de Freud Still Life by Freud | Натюрморт по Фрейду | Nature morte de Freud Still Life by Freud | Натюрморт по Фрейду | Nature morte de Freud
Still Life by Freud | Натюрморт по Фрейду | Nature morte de Freud

Still Life by Freud

Still Life by Freud | Investment Art
Date of creation 2009

Sales price 102000 USD
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The history of the painting.

The creation of the painting "Still Life by Freud" was completed by Anatoli Gostev in 2009, when the artist's painting style is increasingly approaching the verge of defining reality. The frank sexual connotation of visual associations creates a strange duality in the perception of the painting "Still Life by Freud". A gorgeous, stylish combination of watercolor and pastel technique.

According to the artist Anatoli Gostev on the author's website

The painting is a sexual subtext of visual associations. The unsteady balance of the composition of non-equilibrium, asymmetric, bizarre objects. The feeling that all the geometry of the background will collapse, go down the tablecloth, you just have to touch it. And only the solid phallic symbol of the foreground of the picture will calmly remain in the frozen loneliness to wait and be bored.

- Anatoli Gostev


The world's only original painting "Still Life by Freud" by Anatoli Gostev is privately owned by the agency. The painting is subject to copyright.


The painting was exhibited at the K-Galerie im Maxforum, Munich, Germany, where it received a lot of positive reviews. Since 2020, it has been exhibited on the Art portal by the FABER VISUM agency on the ENTAXY portal. The Art painting also participates in the ART Climate Change exhibition | 13.09 - 8.10.2021 Novum Investments in Switzerland, Basel.

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Sale of the painting.

The agency will pay the artist an additional bonus of 50% of the cost of the painting. The painting is signed by the artist on the front and back and approved for sale.

Investment value of the painting.

Estimated increase in the price of the painting: from 10 to 100% over the next 5-6 years. Artist Anatoli Gostev belongs to the gradually passing era of true artists, for whom only the process of creating painting through the prism of reflection and feelings has the greatest meaning in life. A unique artist with a unique style. Without a doubt, the work will leave its mark on the world of painting and wait for the well-deserved dividends. "Still life according to Freud" will amaze the owner with the desire for the stability of unstable objects. Everything is like in life.